Capabilities Statement

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To help prevent the deterioration of the mind and body, American Vet Works, Inc. designs and makes available ergonomic furniture and inspirational environments to help reduce a person’s stress and also make an environment friendly, such as for patients in a hospital.

We have experience installing our products across the country, and can also provide services in Puerto Rico and Cuba.

When you come into a hospital or a school, or even come to work in an office, you are surrounded by the results of choices a facility planner made, likely years ago, when limited by availability and technology. Today, facility planners have the choice to incorporate ergonomic furniture, calming or energizing décor, and user-friendly supplies into a public space. Creating physically and psychologically comfortable and productive environments offers alternatives to incorporating unfriendly furniture and other facility products. We make available high-quality, state-of-the-art, and soothing furniture, and also install everything we sell.